what do you want from me? * Little Black Dress Kit Club February

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another project for the February Little Black Dress Kit Club with a
picture that totally cracks me up every time I look at it...
Sam has such a skeptical look on his face it is so funny,
and expressive, especially for a 5 month old!!

I cut the 'hello...' bubble out of a kraft shipping tag to use it as
a negative title, but that looked odd, so I used the positive and the
put the tag scraps at the bottom of the page to add some more kraft in.

I thought the title would be funny, like he was totally thinking,
"hello...what do you want from me??"
I think he was not feeling the paparazzi vibe that was coming his way...
very unlike his big sister, who was ALL about the limelight...still is! :)

I cut this card catalog on the Silhouette over sized as the photo mat,
but it didn't quite come out as I had hoped...
Live and learn, or live and die cut again...in a different way...!

You can see a detailed list of the fun products included in the kit HERE!

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