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Friday, March 9, 2012

Ok, so here is my first post!  Yay! 

I kept wanting to wait until I had the Blog set up the way I want it before I posted anything...
I realized that could take forever.  I saw all these websites and even watched 1 video about
how to set up a blog in 4 minutes or under...well, yeah, I guess they did it in 4 minutes
but it was pretty sparse.
I am a visual, creative person...I need more to look at than a plain web page with some text...
unless I am using it as a sleeping aid.  Of course, this my first blog so, what do I know??

I know that I wanted to have my own blog as a sort of online portfolio/record of my
current creative outlets...whatever those might be.  You know how sometimes you get
dressed and think "I look pretty good" and then later see a photo of yourself and wonder
"what in the world was I thinking??"  I think some projects look good in real life and
lose a lot of umph in transition to photographs or even a different frame of mind. 
Sometimes I come back to a project and think that it looks better than I thought,
and then again, not so much.
A blog is the same to me.  Some things that look good get lost in translation to the
fabulous world of the Internet...

I don't think this will be any sort of super thought provoking springboard for in
depth blogs about politics or religion...The fact that my current vocabulary is
reverting back to deal with pre-schooler behavior is a good reason.  My personal
politics involve making sure WWIII doesn't start because my daughter got more
popcorn than my son...sad, but true.

All that being said, I decided my blog would basically be my mini version of Pinterest,
which is awesome by the way...I can blog about things I like and post some of my
own work as well!

I am going to keep tweeking with the template and uploading some projects and work shortly.
I think this is more than enough for now!

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