about me

I am Architect part time and full time mom married to my best friend from Architecture school.  We have been married for 17 years and have two (mostly sweet) children, one rescued Lab-Husky mix and totally spoiled Boston Terrier.  I retired to stay at home with our kids, but recently went back to work!

We always kept sketchbooks in school.  Those sketchbooks used to be a requirement, even graded, but now they are a personal necessity.  Part planner, part journal, sometimes a grocery list and always a place to record ideas and sketches for scrapbook layouts or albums.  I started scrapbooking slowly,  after keeping a lot of wedding memorabilia and things from our honeymoon, wine labels, tickets, etc. in a sketchbook.  I really got serious after my daughter was born in 2004.

My Father’s hobby was photography, collecting cameras, restoring cameras, obviously taking photos and then developing them.  It was so important to him to find old photos, especially vintage family ones and share them, I think to help remember those people and to keep family history and our genealogy intact.  He always had a camera in hand, at least one.  I wish I was as diligent, but I do always have my phone and find myself capturing things that are more about our everyday life than I would with a proper camera.  So, I think I inherited his passion of record keeping,  I just do mine with words and embellishments.  And it satisfies that need to create!

Aside from all that, I am a chronic insomniac, which sometimes helps productivity! :)
I am always reading at least one book, totally obsessed with Pinterest, love some Italian food and a big glass of red wine to go with it; which is good since my husband is Italian and we spend every
Sunday after church eating way too much and enjoying family, wine and carbs of course...

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