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Thursday, April 19, 2012

I finally got down and dirty with my Scrapbook Circle April kit...
there are so many cool innovative products coming out...too much
cool stuff and not enough hours in the day!!  Oh well, might need
a book on time management! ;)
I used the April Scrapbook Circle Sketch and  combined it with the color combo
challenge on Two Peas/Shimelle's website ( )

Anyway, we took the kids bowling last year for the first time and
it was so much fun!  They had a ball and we hadn't been bowling
since right after if the soreness in my arm wasn't an indication...
Sam couldn't throw the ball very far and in the end resorted to
the "granny roll" which honestly works pretty well!  However,
I took Sofia to the bathroom and back in the time his ball was still
traveling down the lane!!  Good times...

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