Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eventually I want to do an entire scrapbook or minibook about
our honeymoon to Greece.  All of the pictures are printed and
so they need to be scanned in.  I know I still have the negatives and they
are labeled and organized by city & if I could only
remember where I organized them to...

Anyway, this is from a beach trip we took while we were staying in Oia.
We drove out to find as secluded an are to have a little beach picnic and
sunshine to ourselves.  We thought we had found the perfect place!
The beaches there are so different from the white sand in the
Gulf of Mexico that we are so accustomed to seeing...It is basically
all volcanic rock and so it is dark grayish/black and not super
comfy to walk along barefoot...

Still, it seemed deserted...then we heard some voices from farther
down the beach.  There were lots of large rock outcroppings and
after we had a glass of wine that we brought, a very naked
woman ran out from behind the rocks and ran into the water...
We were stunned.  We had found a nude beach...well, nude
except for the sandals that we saw walking past attached to very
naked people...oy.

It was still beautiful and a fun day that unfortunately got Shawn sunburned,
at least for the 8 hours it took to turn into a dark tan that made him look Greek himself.

A sweet dog, not naked, he had a collar, came up to us and we loved on it and played
with him for a bit to ease our puppy cravings from missing Scarpa.


  1. This is such a well done page--I love the pocket! Great story behind the photos too! =D

  2. Lots of great touches on this page - love the little line of hearts on the pocket.


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