Papa's Day Card & some sappiness...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Quick Father's Day card using only scraps on my desk...
I had cut the card with the hearts out for another project
but should have changed the blade in my Silhouette and so the
cuts were sloppy...still found a use for it! 

Father's Day is always bittersweet for me...
I am married to THE most wonderful man, and he
is hands down "Daddy Of The Year", no, seriously,
we have a trophy and everything!

And honestly, my father-in-law's personality is pretty darn
close to my Father's, so that makes it easier on me too,
at least the fact that I am familiar with it...:)

But the bottom line is that my Dad has been gone
now for 8 years...seems like forever. 
So much has happened since he died, Sofia was only
10 weeks old when he died after a quick 30 day fight
with cancer than had spread throughout his brain & body.

Now, Sofia is 8 and Sam, aptly named, is 5 years old.
And after 8 years I am able to say that it is sad that my Father
is gone, but I no longer need a tissue in order to say it.
Time does heal, or more likely help.

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