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Monday, July 2, 2012

I created this layout for the Echo Park "Sweet Day Challenge"...
Ironically, I started the project days ago and got hit with either a serious
tummy bug, or food poisoning and just now finished.
So, until today, things haven't been so sweet...but now, better...
Whew!  It takes feeling like poop for days to make
you appreciate how good feeling normal is! :)

Anyway, this was Sam's first trip to the beach, before Sofia
started school, so we could go in the fall...we went in October
and it was absolutely wonderful...great weather, not crowded,
like our own private beach off of the balcony.

I guess for a toddler the ocean must be an odd thing...
loud and completely different from anything.
Sam did NOT want to get in the water, but he loved the sand,
just not in his shoes.  Which is kinda hard to get around
when you are at the beach...Sand gets everywhere, between toes
is the least of your worries...oy.

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