Monday, August 20, 2012

          School started back today...thank goodness! And kinda sad too.
         Sam's first day of Kindergarten was today and now all our babies have
left the nest...or at least the nest from 7:50am-3pm...
It would/should seem a little sad, but Sam was SO excited and
wants to do everything his sister does, so he wasn't apprehensive
or clingy or whiney at all...I hope that means we did something right.
That, or he just wants to be closer to his sister...which would be okay too.

Anyway, the past few days have been a process of getting
everyone back into the routine, or idea of it, going to bed early,
so we can get up early...preparing an 8 year old for homework...again.

Last year, Shawn did more documenting of our everyday activities
BEFORE we started school...this year, I think we were lucky to get
a photo of them with their backpacks on and ready to go, much less
with their teachers or at their locker.  Shawn asked Sofia if she
was embarrassed that we walked her in and kissed her goodbye in
front of her friends...?  I think next year could be the "too cool for school"
attitude...or too cool for school with my parents 'tude.


  1. Ah! It is the most wonderfull time of the yeard! I love back to school and I love all the details in your layout! You did good with Diana's sketch. Well done!
    Thanks for working out with us at ~ScrapFIT~

  2. What a pretty LO, great job with all the layering the details really make the page….. Thanks for playing along with us at ScrapFIT.

  3. What a GREAT layout! Thank you for joining us at ScrapFIT!


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