Friday, August 10, 2012

Oh Sofia...you do need patience and will need a whole lot
more of it in the future.  If you are anything like me,
even more so...After all the craziness of July 4th you still
had this smile on your face, so maybe there is hope for you! ;)
This bandanna started as a belt, then moved to a cape,
then ended up on your head.  Very fashionably creative!
Red lips from popsicles make you look so much older than 8...oy. 

This was the Elle's Studio Thursday Sketch:
and I think my sixth LO using the July Scrapbook Circle kit. 
I just can't seem to let go and use anything else yet!

In cleaning up my craft room and trying to move it to the new and
improved craft room...i.e. not a closet...I found a bunch of little
scraps of fabric that I had tested different stitching and colors
out with.  I used that scrap of muslin as the background for my title.

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