Friday, September 7, 2012

 Sofia was destined for braces...
She had an inherited overbite from me and then
sucked her thumb for FAR too long.  After she
thought she had quit, I would go check on her at 
night and she had in her mouth without realizing it.

Neither Shawn nor I ever had braces so we didn't know
what to expect or tell her.  She had to have 2 baby teeth
extracted first that we're coming in crooked and going to
disturb the roots of her permanent teeth. 
I made Shawn take off work, I was prepared for a 
long weekend of Advil and ice cream and whatever I
could do to make her happy...

 What I was not prepared for was to have her not shed a tear,
not say she was in pain, not even REALIZE that the 
dentist, who is my new favorite person ever,  had already yanked her 
teeth and put them in a little pink box...after using some really scary 
metal ice pick looking thing to loosen them and actual pliers.  

The very next morning, 16 hours later, she got braces with hot pink,
 orange and yellow bands...the colors are VERY important.
Again, no complaints and a great attitude.  She was a little
down about not being able to have some of her favorite things,
like gum & popcorn, but other than that, it is like they are accessory.
A very expensive accessory...

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