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Saturday, September 8, 2012

This is the Elle's Studio Thursday Sketch that I also used 
some the tips from Jen Jockisch's class "Pop Off the Page"
that I had signed up for...I love the laying look anyway and I kinda
have a problem knowing when to stop anyway, so perfect class for me!
Here is the link to the Elle's Studio post:


I have used so many instagram photos for my layouts recently,
everything seems to be based on that square image!  I love it.
I love the filters and the border that you can choose that I think makes
it stand out on it own...no mat needed!  I printed this photo out
in the sepia tone so I could really play up lots of the orange and turquoise.

I had planned to use lots of the supplies that came with that Studio Calico class,
but I ended up only using the little white tag, and the little piece of washi that
held their bag together.  That is what I love about layering...I just grab what is
on my desk or sift around my scraps or things I meant to use and throw it all
together until the composition makes sense...at least to me!

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