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Thursday, November 8, 2012

One of my my favorite things to do as a kid was to color.
There was nothing as wonderful as a new tiered big box of crayons,
the kind with the sharpener in the back...and Crayola, of course.

I remember having this one little coloring book that was Raggedy Ann
& Andy and I had just gotten the new neon highlighter colors, which
were a big deal back then, WAY back least to me!
I loved that book and I was so careful with each page, I didn't move onto one
page until the one I was working on was completely finished.
And I started at the very beginning and didn't skip pages.
How anal retentive is that???  I mean seriously...future architect at work!

The kids love to color with markers, and I understand after having to use crayons
and pencils at school, getting to write with pens and markers is exciting!
I am trying to teach them to love colored pencils...Which I think are the
best of both worlds.  We used to do so much rendering with Prismacolor pencils
in school that I just think they are the best.  I am trying to teach them
about shading and blending and creating depth...well, I am teaching Sofia
that.  Sam I am just trying to get him to slow down and take his time.

I don't care if they skip pages or don't finish what they started,
even though inside it bugs the crap out of me!!  The Virgo me...
The artistic me is just thrilled that they love art too!
That we could actually all sit down and just color, no t.v., just
hang out on Saturday night and color.  

This is all the new stuff from the Scrapbook Circle November Kit "Harvest Moon"
and it is filled with warm, earthy colors and wood favorites!
This was for their "Wood grain" Challenge #41, which you can check out here:

I have to start crediting Shawn for taking a lot of photos that I use to
scrap with...obviously I couldn't take this one since i was in it, and
I didn't know he had taken it until he emailed it to me later.

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  1. Wowzers Jenni!! What happened to your blog! I love it!!!
    Your so funny! I am a virgo too so I completly understand where you are coming from. I still have some crazy weird things I do that only another virgo would understand ;)
    Your layout is super cool! Thanks for sharing.


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