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Friday, November 2, 2012

Shawn said that I challenged myself to cram as many stickers, tags, and "bits"
onto one LO as possible...And more importantly, he deemed me it a success!
I'm not sure if he meant that in a complimentary way, but whatever...

I have a tendency to layer until I pick up a piece of something and literally
cannot find a place for it, so this isn't too much of a departure for me.
And I love all of the stickers in the American Crafts Dear Lizzy book so much
I didn't want them to fall to the bottom of a drawer and become dusty and sad.

Everything is from the Scrapbook Circle Kit for October, 
except for a couple little bits...
Anything with teal, gold & chevrons is on my love list right now!

So, about the photo, Sofia LOVES animals, and she loves Lola like
no one else in our family.  And Lola will follow Sofia, mind her and let 
her basically "hug" her like she won't let anyone else do.
This is one of those huggy times...ever though it is hard to even see 
the features in Lola's face, she is so black.  

Which is the reason for the black background.  And white splatters
since Lola is actually getting some gray in her "beard", 
she must be going gray early for a teenager!

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