live inspired. Little Black Dress Kit Club - December

Sunday, December 9, 2012

I had taken a photo late one night of my craft desk just to document "my process"
Messy, bits and pieces of paper everywhere, 500 backs from pop dots, 
my iPad with Pandora on it, and hopefully, if it is at night,a glass of wine.

I also had recently taken a photo pf my old watercolor travel palette,
which is really the only one I use, and used all through school and all over Europe.
It is grungy and messy, colorful and I adore it.  I hadn't used it in a
while and when I opened it, it reminded me of so many places, people,
buildings and was rejuvenating at a moment when I needed
some inspiration.

Except for a couple items this was all from the December Little Black Dress Kit Club, 
which is full of inspirational papers and colorful patterns.  

I think this LO might be one I keep up in my room permanently, 
to remind myself to do just that, to live inspired.

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  1. Gorgeous negative title and I love the bulldog clip! x


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