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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another page for the February kit from Little Black Dress Kit Club...
a varied kit with primary colors, seen here, as well as lots of
more subtle florals...check out the kit details HERE!

I really still am planning on doing a mini album for just Disney...
Actually, I was so inspired by Nancy Damiano's last video on Two Peas's.
She said everything I feel about Project Life and gave great ideas for
a Disney album or any vacation for that matter...
What she said, and I totally agree with, is that no matter how organized I
could pretend to be, the pressure I would put on myself to produce or even document 
Project Life would totally ruin it for me and spell disaster in every way; most of all,
in my self confidence to stay organized and on top of our "life" scrapbooking...

I have enough guilt about laundry and getting my kids to eat the rainbow 
every day, or every two days...I don't need to throw anything extra in there! :)

I scrapbook to record our lives...lots of it is everyday mundane activities, 
that turn out to be the most memorable, and then events that I can plan in
advance to document on a concurrent schedule.

So, Nancy's premise was that while she loved the idea of Project Life, and all that 
went with it, including (more importantly) the products that are now
flooding the market...she didn't feel the need to impose that kind of pressure
on herself.  However, those products, designed for Project Life are perfect for
mini albums, especially something like a vacation, like Disney. 

I haven't gotten around to deciding exactly what I want to do with our Disney 
photos/album just yet...but I enjoy documenting a few general things that
will eventually go into a 12x12 album dedicated completely to that trip. 
or maybe to family vacations...who knows?

I do know that looking thru our photos there was a very significant disconnect 
between the photos that we took as a family at Disney, or parents of young children, 
or even plain tourist photos, AND the photos that Shawn or I take as an Architect,
which is basically an inherent need to look at everything in a different way.
Not that we are always successful, having children is evidence enough of that,
but just that our Architectural photos usually don't include people, are more stylized, 
or try to be, and are focusing on...well, building and design in some sort or fashion.

This turned out to be a lot more of my perspective than I had planned!
SO, thanks for reading all the way to the bottom...
...or possibly skipping down to the end to see if I did, in fact, come to a conclusion! :)

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