CLOUD NINE &*Video*...Glitz/Gossamer Blue Entry #2

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A second LO I did for the GDT Challenge sponsored by Glitz & Gossamer Blue!
I went back and used some older collections from 'Love You Madly' and a couple
of the new stamps from 'Hello Friend' and the new chevron roller stamp (yummy)

I had this idea to emboss the cloud stamps and use them to resist 
a distress "stained" sky in the background.  I thought it would go with the 
photo and the colors in the main striped paper and the tiny chevron line
in between the pink stripes in that main paper...
And that I would use the roller stamp to be the sun rays coming down.

You can see how I got there and why I made things more complicated for myself,
as usual, in the Start to Finish video here:

Well, I like the end result, but I went a long way around for a less powerful effect.
I probably should have used the ink very lightly inside the clouds so you could
actually see that they were in fact embossed...Oh well!  Next time...

1 comment:

  1. Very pretty! I love your clouds and the stick pins! Good luck with the contest, I've entered too! Love Glitz! x


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