My Gramma always said...I won't say goodbye...

Friday, March 29, 2013

Sadly, this is my last month on the DT at Little Black Dress Kit Club.
It has been such an educational, inspirational experience...
making new friends, inspired by new products, challenging myself creatively
and lots & lots of projects to remember and cherish in the future!!

I want to thank Valerie for giving me such a wonderful opportunity...
& SarahBeth for being such a positive, warm voice, that I never actually heard,
but feel like I know!  And lots of loves to the amazingly talented designers I had
the chance to work with and will continue to be inspired by.

( I kinda feel like this is an acceptance speech and someone is going to start playing exit music 
and yank me off stage...but this is MY blog, so my exit speech can be as long as I want it to be, 
or as long as my children will not "be bored" )

So, in lieu of remembering the past 9 months and thinking about this post, 
I remember what my Gramma always said...

My mother is from Ireland and all of her family still lives there or in other parts of Great Britain.  
We used to go at least every other summer or so to visit for a month at a time.  
We would end up having to leave around 3a.m. to drive to the airport in Belfast to
be able to catch another flight, get thru customs with my Dad's 300 camera bags 
(that is a little exaggerated)  and fly home.  
My grandmother always got up with us, but always said she wouldn't say goodbye. 
It must have been hard to see her daughter only once a year, or longer.

I do have to say goodbye, but, I'll be stalking the website and FB page &
keeping up with the LBD folks!  And so I thought I would repost my top 10 favorite
projects from this term, some of which are on my list of favorite layouts ever! :)  
( There are actually 2 which I would have included, but are 
going to be published soon and I can't show those!  )

 Loved the color combos in this kit! 

Mmmmm copper paint AND gold embossing powder??!  Yum! 

I can't say anything b/c looking at this makes me want to cry... 

 Love me some MME!

I love that Studio Calico mask and really, are these boys not so cute, they are almost pretty! 

 Love that Glitz motivated me!

I did this LO in about 45 minutes, no lie, and I hated it...until the next morning
and I loved it!  So out of my normal anal retentive self that it was inspiring to myself! 

Another LO that makes me sad and sappy, but happy! (heh, I'm a rhymer!) 

 I just love this photo and the quilt in the background...makes me warm.

My sweet baby...had to include him.

 Kind of hard to narrow it down!  But that is it...
Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Friday!

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the great layouts, Jenni! It's been great working with you!


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