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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I love Fall, and I love the light that comes with the change in the season...
My husband says that November light makes every photo better.  
So, this is the time of year for us to take lots of photos in preparation for a Christmas card.  

Of course, the 'goofies' and photo bombs are the kid's favorites, so I thought I should
document a page for each of them!  ( Hence, the title... )

The Pink Paislee 'Hey Kid' collection was perfect for this. I used both the 'Color Wash'
& 'Hey Kid' collections combined to have a little pattern, but also be able to add lots of
embellishments. I used a couple pieces of the Artisan Papers and chipboard to match the
colors and customize the embellishments.  I love ledger paper.  It seems to encourage
journaling and just reminds me of the kids and keeping records.

I love paint and mists but get frustrated with some of the mists and their functionality.
Maybe I don't use them correctly, but I love Color Shine, it is the best to me as 
far as consistency.  I should have bought the Gold in bulk! :)

I bought the Color Shine Tinsel and thought it would be way too dark at first.
But, I used it lightly on the ledger paper below and it turned out to match the bold
striped paper and paint splatters Color Wash paper perfectly. 

I am not a two-page scrapper, in fact, I honestly only have a couple other ones
and I don't think they are particularly successful.  I thought these went well
together but at the same time are also different.

They might be a good opening page for their individual scrapbooks!

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  1. These are adorable! Color shine is my favorite too!


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