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Monday, April 2, 2018

Today, I am sharing an Art Journal spread for The Crafter's Workshop that I created with Spring and the changing of Seasons in mind!  I had a quote that inspired me, but was mostly inspired by the changes in my own backyard.

 I used a variety of stencils and metallic pastes from the newest release, as well as some of the Heavy Body Acrylic paints to create this double page spread.  Below, are the stencils and mediums I utilized.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project.  The opinions I share are solely my own.

I knew I wanted to use this quote in my page and so after sifting through the stencils I decided to divide my spread into 3 sections.  One predominately yellow, one green and the final one more orange.

  Using Distress Ink, I stenciled those colors & a couple botanical patterns onto some Mixed Media Adhesive Sheets from ThermOWeb & Rebekah Meier.

I also inked these 'sun' designs, creating darker colors towards the center with these stencil brushes.

I added some of of this rich Grecian Gold Modeling Paste onto one of the is a lovely deep, warm gold that blends perfectly with the oranges and pale reds I chose. 

While the ink and modelling paste dried, I used some gelatos and Neocolor crayons to create a contrasting base color to the Mixed Media papers I stenciled.  Before starting the project, I used the White Gesso on my pages as well as taping the binding to prevent leaking.

I used plenty of water to make it fairly muted.  I wanted main colors to be the yellow, green and orange to correspond with my quote.

I mixed similar shades of the Heavy Body Acrylic paints and spread them across this 12x12 lined, graphic floral, directly centered about the journal binding.

 My plan was to layer the previously stenciled Mixed Media paper on top of the large floral.  The mixed media sheets are somewhat transparent and I hope to create linear column of colors.

I adhered the sunshine stenciled pieces to opposite sides of the page, symbolizing the beginning of the day, with the sun high in the sky and the end of the day with the sun low in the horizon.

I wanted to add some of the metallic pastes, but didn't want to overpower the color theme with the golds.  Using the new Platinum Modeling Paste was perfect.  It is neutral enough in color, but still has a lovely shimmer.

In an attempt to make the color theme more prominent by providing more contrasting colors, I added some of the Neocolor crayons and watercolors to the background and stenciled patterns.

Next, I used various black pens and markers to outline the stencils.

 Feeling the need to provide more contrast, especially at the edges, I added some of black ink using two different dot stencils.

Finally, not wanting to distract from the spread itself, I added my quote to the very bottom of the page...
"Some friends come into your life for a reason, others come only for a season."

 Thanks for stopping by the Blog today!  I hope this has been a bit of inspiration to kick off your New Year.  Be sure to share your stencil creations on our Facebook page or by tagging The Crafter’s Workshop on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest!

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