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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I did this page for the Elle's Studio challenge at Two Peas,
after coming across this series of photos of my son...

My daughter never really crawled...she "crawked" as we called it.
She half walked-half crawled until about 1 year and then she took
off walking...granted, falling a lot and bumping into things but she
gave it 100%! 

Our son, on the other hand, was a very late walker...16 months, and
I think he didn't really want to even try until he was sure of himself.
He didn't fall as much as she did...we thought it was laziness and being
a boy, well, I thought that...but I just think it was a sign of his future
personality...he may wait to do something but make less mistakes along
the way...whereas she jumps right into the fray, ready or not, and
sometimes learns the hard way.

It is so interesting looking back at little things like this that end up
shaping a little person's entire persona. 
Whew...that was deep! :)

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