8 years a g o...whaaaaaaa??

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I have an 8 year old.
Daddy brought home flowers for the birthday
girl that nearly had us both in tears...sweet Daddy.

Seriously? How could that have happened?
It is hard to even believe that it has been,
uh...16 years since I graduated from college,
much less been married for nearly 11 and now
I have an 8 year old...

Never thought I would think about that Talking
Heads song in reference to my own life...?
Time to seems to be on a roller coaster that
is picking up speed...like a row of dominos,
can't be stopped, faster and faster and it
is hard to see, much less appreciate what
is happening while you go whirling past...

One of my most favorite things about scrapbooking,
is that it makes you slow down at least long enough
to look at that picture of your drooling
toddler and remember that it was really amazing.
Even thought you didn't appreciate nearly enough
those little moments that REALLY make up what is
important in this life.

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