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Monday, March 12, 2012

Ok, so I know we are waaaaaayyy behind the times, but we just got an Xbox.
We have been holding out in the hopes of preventing another electronic
item that could add "screen time" to our children's day.

Our pediatrician always asks us if we are making sure that our children
only watch one hour of tv a day...or other "screen time". We say that
we try to. Honestly, some days the kids play outside all day or we have
some other crafty activity, and some days depending on weather or whatever
they watch a good 3 or 4 hours. We have a movie night every Friday night.
How can you not finish the movie to make sure that you only watch 1 hour??

At any rate, so now, we have an Xbox. It is so cool. We got the Kinect
thingie (that is how much I really know about it) and a couple of the
games that go with it. One of the Dance games is really cool. It has
some popular songs the kids like, but it also has some of our generation
songs like "Bust a Move"...so much fun. The kids love it but it would
be great to have an adult party and have some serious dance battles.

It also has this cool feature that you can enter your weight and track
calories burned based on your moves thru the Kinect. So I tried it on
a Lady Gaga song and it was pretty intense. At the end it told me that
I had burned a whopping TEN calories....woohoo! Seriously???
I am pretty sure I could burn 10 calories easier by chewing a piece of
celery or walking down the hall...

It was fun and exercise but I don't think I could hang with an entire
workout of Dance Central. I wouldn't be able to move the next day...at all.

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