t r e a s u r e....Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NSD has been such a productive and inspiring weekend (/week)!
I have tried so many things I had bookmarked or sketched out or
photos printed of...I didn't get piles accomplished in terms of actual
layouts but lots in personal growth and self-improvement!

I did this layout after saving the tutorial that Marcy Penner did
about paper piecing chevrons and honestly, the chevrons were the
easy part...the sewing was a giant pain in the bootay.

I had pinned this print/quote on Pinterest that I tried really hard to
find the original info for potential copyright reasons...but never did. 

Anyway, I loved it and I thought of this photo and broke into tears.
We were in the hospital with my Dad for my first Mother's Day and
it was honestly a horrible first Mother's Day.  We had just found out that
the cancer had metastasized and was everywhere...EVERYWHERE.
It hard to think it has been eight years since then and so much has happened. 
Sam looks so much like him it is kind of freaky and I wouldn't have it
any other way.  He totally has captured my heart and I pray that I raise
him to be as wonderful a husband and father as Shawn is...

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