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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Before we went to the beach this year, I did the obligatory shopping
for swimsuits and sunscreen and beach toys and beach chairs and
sunglasses and coolers and nightlight travel bulbs AND a bunch
of stuff that we did not need at all...However, in all that search I did
buy Shawn a Fedora, that I thought was cool, that he could
totally pull off because, let's face it, he's Italian, swarthy and confident
enough to do so...I hit a home run, he loved it and it was unexpected!
He totally wanted to wear it, HOWEVER, so did everyone else...

The kids wanted their own swarthy turn, heehee, and of course,
as a hat lover, I had to have it too...Ironically, Shawn didn't wear it as
much as he wanted to, but it was THE definite necessary accessory!

In between forgetting sunglasses and goggles & sandwich baggies for iPhones,
(yep, learned from unfortunate friends' accidents) we never forgot the Fedora...

I had these photos, which I thought were great, but the Scrapbook
Circle Challenge for doing a LO based on 'Dressing Up' was perfect!

I had saved this tag from the inside of one of my favorite sweaters
b/c I loved the name, "Love Stitches" & thought I would use it some
day on a layout...perfect!  Helps justify all the hoarding of things
that might seem, or are, useless, until needed!!  SEE, I really did use it!

Anyway, here is my LO for their challenge using the July Scrapbook Circle Kit!
I have done more layouts with this kit than any previous, however,
they have all been with the same color palette of turquoise, white, yellow
and sand colors...couldn't get enough.  So, this was an exercise in making
me somehow, stay away from using my colors favorites right now and do
the challenge, it was easier than I thought it could be...!

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