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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Layout done for the Lily Bee July Sketch Challenge found here:

I have multiple copies of this photo, framed and loose. 
It is one of my all time favorites of Samuel, and true to form,
I didn't take it.  Sam's Mother's Day Out teacher took it of
him on the last day right after their little Spring Program.

That was the sweetest little argyle sweater and matching blue
seersucker shorts...he looked like a little model for kids clothes,
or miniature golfers, heehee.

Anyway, I LOVE Lily Bee's collections...Polka dots and graphics
are what I am most attracted to in patterned papers, so I
wanted to keep it simple and use the black and white photo
to show the pretty colors and patterns of the paper. 

Ironically all these colors are the colors in Sam's sweater.
I think the index card is really supposed to be used upside
down from the way I have it, as a "no" as in "#" but maybe
that is up from least that is the way I took it!

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