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Friday, August 31, 2012

Well, I have actually gotten a little tired of scrapping the most 
recent photos of the kids and our daily life.  I love the idea
of Project Life and I think it would probably be the most rewarding
album to look thru later on, as a real document of what we REALLY
did every day.  But, when I started scrapbooking it was because 
I loved looking back at older memories, some I had journaled 
about at the time in a diary or baby book.  
I used to tell me husband that I loved to scrapbook because
 it was usually of happy events or moments that I felt were 
worthy of my time...which is becoming invaluable every day - 
AND that in scrapbooking those happy moments I remembered why
my children were such a gift and it was essentially therapy for the 
terrible two's & three's and too soon to be tweens....ugh.

So, I have been looking back through this enormous Cropper Hopper 
photo file box that could hold thousands of photos...
I had arranged them carefully into categories and then into more
specific categories depending on scrapbooking necessity & importance.
Well, until recently, that ginormous box has been gathering dust.
In moving my scraproom, I have discovered lots of old/new toys! :)
Kind of like my children, when I hide a toy they have been fighting over and a 
few months later when I break it out, it is super exciting!

This was an old photo from December 2007, right before Sam turned 1.
I did this LO for the Scrapbook Circle Challenge #37, which is a Gallery Lift challenge,
I based it on the sketch that Allison Waken lifted from another SC subscriber...
Three time lift!  Kinda neat...She used that lovely white painted wood plank paper, found here:   
I also used the same Crate Paper paper for some arrow/triangular shapes like she did.  
I had been hoarding this wood plank paper & really didn't want to 
use it, so this got me out of that hoarding mindset...bad Jenni, bad. ;)

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  1. absolutely the bright colors; espec ially all the yellow! aND SO MANY FINE DETAILS-loving! (OOPS FOR CAPS) Great take on the tri-lift :)


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