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Sunday, September 2, 2012

I have been doing so many LO's with only one or two photos and 
I had so many great ones from the beach and the rest of our summer.
I did this page using the October Afternoon Thursday Sketch which 
called for a grid design and was perfect for a collage of lots of little photos...

I love the power and impact of a large photo layout, but sometimes the
little photos make you get more involved and actually look at them, and 
want to read the journaling describing those photos...

This is the new Woodland Park collection from October Afternoon,
along with some other little bits & pieces laying around on my desk.
I don't think any other manufacturer makes me want to use their
buttons more than OA.   I love their subtle design to each button and
the colors are so great!  I LOVE this cloud paper and it would totally
be a perfect candidate for my hoarding addiction, but I forced myself
to use the entire piece and NOT cut it up...

A lot if these photos would be great for individual pages, but it also nice to 
use a page to give the overall mood and idea of our summer.  
It went by way too fast and there were lots of trips to nearby bodies of water!
Beaches, Lakes & pools...oh my!

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