Thursday, October 18, 2012

I wasn't sure it would happen.
The love for drawing and coloring that Sofia shares so passionately with Shawn and I.
Maybe it took longer than it took for her to love art.
Maybe it just seems that way because you still seem like my baby
and  I'm not ready to admit you are growing up so fast.

At any rate, you are drawing, coloring and painting up a storm.
I can admit that I am pretty anal retentive about a lot...okay, about lots and lots.
But, not art.  That is where I encourage the kids to paint the sky yellow
and the trees purple if that is what they want to see...
It is where I want them to color outside the lines, not to feel confined
by a definition.  I know that practicing and a lot of coloring technique
they do at this age is to help with dexterity, motor skills, and coordination...
( Not that you are going to inherit any of those traits from me! )
It is just that I also think this is the time to be free with your
interpretation and artistic license...before it gets spoiled with reality.
That might reek of cynicism, but there it is!

Most of this was from the September Scrapbook Circle Kit.  A few bits from
past kits and several Elle's Studio tags.  I loved this patterned paper by Glitz,
 but didn't want it to be too flowery since I was trying to make it a little more masculine.  
I used the vellum overlay to mask a little of the floral-ly bits.  

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