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Thursday, November 15, 2012

So, other than a vintage photo, this has to be the picture in
my pile to be scrapbooked that has been there the longest.
I think I might have been nervous about documenting it until recently.
 Sort of when people don't want to share a birthday wish with
the superstition that is wont come true if you don't keep it secret.

But last month, my Mom, myself and my 5 year old son walked in the
Breast Cancer Awareness Walk together, and it made me decide that
I needed to get around to finally documenting this!

This photo was from my Mother's 60th surprise birthday party, 11 months
after being diagnosed with breast cancer, having surgery and undergoing
that life sucking thing doctor's call "treatment"...Isn't it odd how many people
are diagnosed with the cancer whose month it is of awareness??
Anyway, her hair had started to grow back in, baby soft, and I thought it
looked fantastic...short, cropped, very hip!  And was a very successful surprise!

This was using the Little Black Dress Kit Club November Kit and
although I do love the way the LO turned out, it is a bit more fussy than
my normal least I think so.  But, considering how colorless and
tasteless life seems during chemo, I thought it only appropriate to incorporate
 as much color and "life" into this LO as possible.

That may be WAY too much of a psychological reach for something like this, 
but I once read something Jen Gallagher had written about scrapbooking
as a form of dealing with loss.  I guess in a way that is what this was for me...
I didn't lose my mother then, and thankfully, she is still cancer free, but I
think I lost some of my naivete and hope that life is all roses...
probably why it took me so long to build up the courage to commit to it...

I recently cut almost all my hair off, 10 inches to donate to Locks of Love...
I would like to do it again, but not sure how much demand there is for
 strawberry blond hair that is starting to turn grey :(

To learn more or to help fund a free mammogram to someone less
fortunate than ourselves, check out the site...

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  1. What a very special page to remember this day. Love your banner and the special, personal touches!! I'm a new follower. ~ Blessings, Tracey


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