BINGO!...Little Black Dress Kit November

Monday, November 12, 2012

Since movie night is our Friday night tradition, I think Bingo is becoming
our Saturday night tradition...unless it is football season!

The kids love to play!  I love to play and that is mostly because
it is all chance and I don't have to break up any fights depending on who
the loser is.  The kids love it but I think more than playing, it is about
who is going to get to spin the ball and call the numbers.
That has to be agreed upon before we play or there will be anarchy.

This was using the November Kit from Little Black Dress Kit Club and
since it was filled with lots of products from the October Afternoon Midway
collection it was easy to get inspired!  I can't get enough woodgrain either.
Woodgrain and chevrons will stay in my heart long after they are done trending!

Part of the ephemera in this month's kit was a few little round chips,
one with numbers on it like it could be for Bingo.
I put lots of Glossy Accents on those chips to make them look like they were Bingo
chips and that way they matched the epoxy word stickers from Glitz as well...

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