I could be THE most productive procrastinator!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So...instead of procrastinating by catching up on Homeland or Vampire Diaries, 
yes, I am a teenager at heart in the midst of my procrastination fit...
I decide to clean out closets, reorganize photo folders, 
make little music videos of my kids photo shoots...

You get the point...I need to feel like I have accomplished SOMETHING,
even if it is a million miles away from what I set out to do...for example,
I think this is my 3rd post today...?  
You think I wouldn't have a to-do list a mile long!  

But, I can't watch the news or get on the Internet because it is totally depressing to me right now.  
And I have read this in a book the other day...
"Coffee...do stupid things faster, with more energy!"...
that about sums up my days this week.  And it is only Tuesday!!

So, here goes...I have been messing around with some features on my computer
and started putting together little videos.  Amateurish...yes!
Make me want to squish my children until they beg me to stop...yes!

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