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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Not to be mean, but I think it is hilarious when Santa leaves practical
things in the kids' stockings, like toothbrushes, floss and band aids!
The kids, not so much.  

I just happened to be snap happy when Sam was digging into his stocking 
last year and captured this exact series of photos in order from his excitement
and anticipation, to confusion and then realization that this was not a 
matchbox car or candy, but band aids...really cool solar system band aids, but...

Anyway, I did this LO as the Scrapbook Circle Guest Designer for their
One Item Wonder challenge - to use their printables in a page.
All the Polaroid frames, the tag and all the banners at the top came from 
the December printable.  I had this idea to print it out onto something other
than plain white cardstock, so I went with a really pale neutral tan, then kraft, 
then back to white cardstock.  So that accounts for all the "MERRY"
banners being different hues.  I decided not to waste them!

The titles below the pictures could not have been more fitting!

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