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Monday, December 31, 2012

One of my New Years Resolutions is to finally, or at least start
to finish up moving everything into my new craft room and getting it
organized...I had these photographs taken, and a video too, such as it is,
and then Shimelle did her last class of the year about scrap spaces.

So much of what she said are things I have heard before or known, but sometimes
it takes hearing it again, especially in a new place, for it to really make sense.
I said that having everything within arms reach makes you more likely to
use it, and even though I have a good memory, most of the time, I can't always
think of the perfect embellishment that might be hiding in a drawer just waiting to
be discovered!  And instead I will pick up something that I can see...
Shimelle's point was that knowing the way you scrap helps you organize
things into the easiest, most time efficient way to be able to use those things.

{ Overall view from the entry door...only one window since I am in the basement.
Just finished projects on the shelves and photos or idea on the magnetic board. }

And I am definitely one who needs to see what I have to remember.
At the end of last year, I went thru all our Christmas cards and sorted them but
year in order to do layouts that used the ones I liked best and closest friends
and organized them all into neat little folders to be scrapped and then totally
forgot about them, until a few months ago when I began moving into my new room.
So, now I totally forgot all about that project because I thought I was being organized!

{ Left corner with printer cart, Silhouette and rolling carts from Ikea }

I keep all my Silhouette mats, blades and tools in the top drawer and photo paper
and other house files below.  The rolling cabinet on the right with drawers
has adhesive,stamp block and ink, distress inks and
the bottom file in for Thickers, letter stickers and day scraps.

{ Main work island made from 2 "Alex" drawer cabinets from Ikea, 
tabletop from Ikea but built up to counter height by my husband! }

The drawers hold punches, borders punches, sticker sheets and die cuts,
tags and jopurnaling cards.  A couple drawers have the latest collections
from some of my favorite manufacturers that I want to use before I
forget I have them...and a couple hold just kits from a couple different clubs.

This is my main work area and so I have the spinner on top with glue pens,
scissors and other tools, bowls for little bits I can't bear to throw out and
a tray for current projects or kits I am working with at the moment!

When my husband built the table top up for me it left a gap that runner the length
of the desk on both sides of a support beam.  It is the perfect height and place
to store paper towels, baby wipes, paper trimmers and a sketchbook or two.

{ Right corner shelving with inks, washi, wood block and clear stamp
storage on shelves.  A Clip it Up in the corner with labels and stickers on it. }

I have two cabinets with 5 cubbies on each side of this long top that runs the length
of the back wall.  They are actually part of a wine storage cabinet that used to
be in our kitchen.  They are perfect for some little storage jars that hold blank
tags, twine, tiny wood letter stamps and lots of other things!

Corner storage shelf that has my the white cubbies from my old scrap room on it.
These are all from Michael's and hold patterned papers that are lonely, transparencies,
chipboard, projects that were planned and neatly put away and forgotten...oops.
And buttons, paints, embossing stuff in the drawers.
The shelf below has idea books, stationary, and blank note cards and envelopes.

The Expedit shelf from Ikea which has just finished projects on top,
cardstocks, ribbon, refills for adhesive and photo boxes and lots of
stuff that hasn't found a home yet!  The bottom row are albums which
are becoming increasingly full!  I need at least a day to go thru all of them,
but I don't scrap things chronologically so it seems silly to do it now when
I will have to do it again later.  That is procrastinator Jenni talking, well typing...

So that is it!
A continuous work in progress but my little piece of heaven on our house!
Thank you to my wonderful husband for moving his drums and letting me take
over our office.  And for all the help building and replacing and listening to me ramble
on about paper and lighting and accessibility and stuff I am sure he would rather not hear!

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  1. Wow! What a terrific scrap room you have!! Wish I had something alike!
    Love your blog ... You've got a new follower!


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