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Sunday, December 30, 2012

This is some of the My Mind's Eye collection 'Love Me' and some 
Lost & Found sets...lots of bits & pieces laying around!
Obviously not Christmasy, but it went so well with Sofia's new robe
and since I had used MME stuff for the envelope I made for this gift, 
I thought I should use it here as well.  
I also used their sketch for the December Challenge found here:

Yes, we bought Sofia tickets to see Justin Bieber.  Her first concert, in just
a couple weeks...I am sure she is counting down the days.  It is pretty exciting.
I told her we could sell the tickets for a lot more and put that money in
her college account, but I got that "are you really crazy, Mommy?" look that 
she has perfecting lately...Anyway, that is the story of this page!

I remember my first concert, not nearly as exciting as this, and not nearly
as expensive either...but I want her to remember it and hope it is something 
special she will remember that we did together, when she has not only perfected
that look, but all the other tween/teen angst looks of sarcasm that feel like
they are seriously around the bend!!  Ugh...sorry, dark turn.

I feel like I haven't been on here in a while but I have been scrapping lots, 
just can't show any of it yet!!  Which means some exciting things in the future! :)

I love this time of year, time to clean up and clear out and make resolutions!!
I am going to be super positive and say this year is going to be fantastic!   
I have both kids in school, am 40 years old and have some serious determination to reach my 
g o a l 
And to kick all that off, we have a Bieberconcert to go to! 

( Hope he doesn't spit up on stage, that would totally put
a damper on my daughter's first concert experience...)

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