HELLO MY NAME IS stubborn...Little Black Dress Kit Club January

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I have been going back thru old photos pre-digital and thru lots of college photos,
completely incriminating!  And very funny...can't decide how many will make it to 
being documented.  Need to check which friends might potentially run for 
some sort of political office...;)

Anyway, these were in a group of photos I had printed out taken with a 
real live 35mm camera, no auto focus, real honest to goodness photography...
My Dad would be so proud...sadly, there isn't much of that left.
Lots of slides I need to convert.

Anyway, this is using the new January Little Black Dress Club Kit...
It is actually one of my favorites, subtle but so full of rich versatile patterns.
I really am having a little love affair with white washed wood grain paper 
at the moment.  And the only reason it ins;t on this LO is because I
am hoarding it...don't you touch it!

Anything that has a "My Name Is" tag rocks...especially when I can fill it in with
a little snarky reference to some 'tude of my children's...I don't have an attitude.
That was totally inherited from my husband's side of the family.
They are Sicilian after all...heh, heh...
I will so be in trouble for that...oh well, it is late as I am writing that...

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