"LOVE ACTUALLY IS ALL AROUND"...Little Black Dress Kit Club January

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ok, anyone who knows me, or who has read anything about me knows
how much I love movies!  One of my favorites is 'Love Actually.'
I honestly don't think I have ever not cried after watching it.

I love all the music from it and the way all the stories become connected
and mostly I love the beginning where the narrator, "Hugh Grant"
is talking about being at the arrivals gate at the airport and how all the people are
 so happy greeting loved ones, and how "Love actually is all around."

Well, not be cheesy, but I feel that way too, I feel like sometimes I 
have to look harder for it that others, but that may be a fault in my 'vision.'
This was a LO for the Little Black Dress Kit Club January kit,
appropriately called, "Every Little Piece."

I knew what I wanted to do with this page, lots of loving from 
my Silhouette and arrows and a circle to reinforce the theme/title.
I kept fussing with it, trying to get it all lined up in a perfect circle
all layered on top of each other, and I could not get it the way 
I wanted to...I kept walking away and coming back and still wasn't happy.

Finally, in the interest of time and laundry and life in general, 
I started to go ahead and adhere things and my husband came, with the voice of calm, 
(as usual) and made the point that love isn't all lined up and symmetric and perfect.
It is messy and can get off center and sometimes unravels...
but we stitch it back up and hold it together, all around us...
Turns out that is one of the reasons I think the photo goes so well with 
that theory.  It is off center and out of focus, but I still love the photo!

Well that was maybe a little too deep, but I did start writing this post at 2am...
More importantly, I actually used a couple ideas I had pinned and
kind of forgotten about...I sort of combined two pins into one idea,
layering hearts that were sewn together and then another
set of hearts that was cut from book print.
One resolution:  pin less, do more of the tings that were pinned!

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