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Monday, February 4, 2013

I knew when I saw this paper I was going to have a really hard time letting it go.
It is a beautiful.
I love all shades of grey (heh.) and I know it can be cold,
but this is the perfect grey, not cold, but not too warm to be taupe-ish...

And the writing on it...sniff, sniff.  Gets me every time I read it.
Like watching Forrest Gump, I think I have seen it about a million
times, no, really! Well, at least half a million, and I cry every time...whew.

Soooo, the point is I knew I needed to use this paper as a entire background
piece, other wise I would end up hoarding it and calling it "my precious"
while sitting in a corner looking paranoid...kidding...sorta.
(Ok, I just referenced 2 of my favorite movies and one book I refuse to read, weird)

Moving ON...because of this lovely paper, I knew I wanted to keep the 
layout simple, which for me, lately, has been a little difficult.  
My husband tells our daughter she is in her "rainbow phase,"
so I am in my layering phase.  Can't see it going anywhere for a while.

When I changed this photo to black & white in Photoshop, it took on 
this sort of blueish tint so it picked up well on the tabbed tags, which next
to the paper is my other favorite part of the new collections.

My sweet husband bought me a bunch of Copic markers for Christmas,
either because he knew I secretly wanted them or he was tired of
me watching tutorials on YouTube with our kids and hoping I would just do it already!
I am trying to incorporate one little thing I color in each project,
and for this one it was the little camera to go with the 'Hello Sweetheart
stamp set that is also new!

I have been either punching or die cutting lots of vellum with my Silhouette and just 
keeping them in a little bowl, so I took the circles and punch another partial circle
in them to make them look like a crescent moon.  I also cut the journaling 
tag down for the same effect.  

This is one of my favorite pages I have done in a long time...at least to me.
it was like the perfect scrapbooking storm, if there is such a thing...?
I loved the photo my husband captured of a sweet moment I will not forget,
I had beautiful papers and products to work with and it came together 
practically on its own...when all that blends together, I think it becomes 
a nice balance between photo, story and pretty paper. :)

Thanks for looking and reading, if you got all the way down here!!

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  1. I seriously LOVE this page ... I too, am a sucker for gray ... any kind, really ... my scrap room is gray! I love your style, the layering is just perfect, your attention to detail is superb! Thanks for the inspiration :)


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