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Sunday, March 10, 2013

This layout has been a long time coming...
In fact, a lot of pages featuring our first child have been a long time coming.
I did a mini book, a few years ago, after my baby died, but haven't done
much since.  Mostly because most the photos I have are not digital,
a few with him in there, sadly, in the backgrounds while we were
p[photographing our kids...sniff, sniff.  It happens, when children come along
even the most beloved pets move to the back of the line, at least
that has been my experience.  

I have been on a gold kick and this star punch, from Martha Stewart,
made me think if stars in the sky, or floating upwards.
 It will be 3 years ago next month that our heaven sent hairy (really hairy)
baby, went back to heaven.  Time for me to move on and document
some good times we had with him...

I have noticed a lot of Scrapbooking trending towards more of a mix
of media, in the background, as the base of a page, everything.
I love it, and is actually more of how I came into papercrafting.

Sometimes, it is the best way to let go and just let the layout
take shape, not a sketched out page for me, for this one...
I had an idea what I wanted, it to feel light and airy, all the colors
of mint, teal & gold I am loving right now.

I used the Little Black Dress Kit Club March Kit for this layout,
EXCEPT a couple extras, the star punch, roller chevron stamp (love!),
some wood veneers and mist...Other than that, the kit included lots
of those subdued colors that I mentioned above...I had the piece
of corrugated cardboard I cut the heart out of from another LBD
project from this kit.  I misted it to tone down the color and just went
from there.  I wanted to use lots of texture and didn't mind the bulk
because I plan to put this layout into a shadow box to display...

Anyone, who has read my blog, or my Pinterest boards, know that I 
am a little obsessed with birds (more on that later) and I love the symbolism 
and idea of these pages that actually have layers beneath them wanting to be seen, 
to be included, in this case, the birds lifting my baby up to Heaven.

I know that may sound cheesy and a far reach, but anyone who has
loved a pet like a child knows the hole it can leave in  your heart.
 Neither Shawn or I grew up with a dog, so Scrapa was the first for both of us,
our first beg responsibility together, since it was pre-marriage and we
think about his all the time. We have Lola now, and she is sweet,
but we will never forget our first dog...

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