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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My little girl will be NINE years old in a couple days...
How in the world??  I know I can be scatterbrained but I am pretty
sure I didn't miss any major chunks of time...It just feels like I must have.

If I feel that way, then my husband feels that way times...well nine!
He is so sad, like there is an enormous countdown clock in our house,
counting down to either puberty or whenever she decides we aren't cool
enough to hang around...whichever comes first.

So, I had been digging thru old photos and came across these 
sweet ones of the two of them...Sofia has her Daddy's dimples and I 
love that you can see them here!  I knew I wanted to call this layout
"My Girl" (should have used some of that new MME collection) because Sunday 
is our big relaxing Italian lunch with either all the family or just us four.  
We usually listen to The Temptations Pandora station and will inevitably 
hear that song...and the piece of the AC Dear Lizzy paper with the  
'YOU MAKE MY HEART SING' cut outs was just too perfect as well!

I used this color challenge from the blog that is really
cool and I am so excited about the sketches...I go into that more in the process 
video I linked below the color palette ( or colour, since it is Australian :) )
You can visit the original blog post here:

* Start to Finish Process Video *

In fact, it was late at night when I did the voice over for the video
and I got pretty chatty while also being tongue-tied, if that is possible!

Here are some of the close-ups!  I had just gotten lots of the new papers
from Studio Calico, Amy Tangerine and the Dear Lizzy collections
and they are so pretty and had so many great matches for the colors.

Thanks for stopping by and check out the video!...
if you don't mind a couple yawns & my opinions (just opinions)
about the trending direction of scrapbooking...?


  1. SOOO glad you see you joining us in this coloUr challenge [heehee!!].. & ♥ how you used the ♥ in word heart:):):) No, really - I've had a fun time visiting your blog & I think your LO is really, really spot on - it ROCKS for the palette:):):)

    1. Thanks so the blog, new follower! And am working on one for the sketch challenge too!


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