GOLD on the INside

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We had some seriously amazing colors in the Fall, last year...
Not bad this year, but not as nice...of course, the color doesn't come
from any fabulous maple trees or anything other than some woodsy 
bushes and small trees, we didn't plant and haven't torn out yet....
But I found out that if I use a super zoom lens and get really far away
they blur to a beautiful color and you can't tell that they are.

This was a day I was just playing around with the camera, bu the light 
was great.  Sofia wanted to make silly faces and was tired of smiling.
But she sat for me until I was finished and I these turned out to be 
some of my favorites of the group.  Not quite a smirk or really a smile...
but a little sneaky looking. 

I used most of the February Scrapbook Circle Kit for this page...
I thought that woodgrain paper from Glitz was perfect for the photos.
I have been on this gold kick, glitter, Thickers, and thread!

I had actually planned to make this page fairly simply and not very
layered...but, that seems hard to do for me lately!  
I did do some journaling, well really a little personal letter to my
daughter and have taped to the back of the page with some washi.

Thanks for stopping by!

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