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Thursday, March 7, 2013

This is another one of the wood veneers that was included that,
because it has a camera on it, I had to make it front and center!!
Behind it is some of the text tissue included in the kit I stamped with the 
typewriter in the new Glitz stamps from the Color Me Happy collection.
(Sorry, the stamp set isn't part of the kit!)

Speaking of happy, I am total sucker for packaging!
In college we had a professor who said that a true designer  thinks about 
design in everything, in the placement of pins that hold up a project, 
not just things like font or color!  So, the Glitz stamps I would 
buy for the fantastic tin they come packaged in!

 * Start to Finish video *

I really had no idea how this page was going to turn out when I started,
you can tell from the video!  But I wanted to use the more neutral
papers to make the photos pop.  I pinned a sheet of book paper someone
had stamped on to the LBD board "Techniques We Want To Try" and
that inspired me to use that Glitz stamp, unfortunately not in the kit...sorry.
You can see the pin HERE!

I have been making a conscious effort to try to actually USE the pins
I take the time to reference as inspiration!  Imagine that!

Thanks for checking out this page and go watch the video!
I wish I could scrap that fast!  We would need a room dedicated to just scrapbooks!
My husband would die...heh.

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