**HUGE Exciting New Collections from Elle's Studio!!**

Monday, April 22, 2013

This is so exciting, it has made me smile through a post-migraine hangover haze.

 Elle's Studio has stepped it up a notch AGAIN!
Not only are there new paper collection! Cameron (all boy) & Saltwater (take a guess ;))
 More vellum (Yay!) and new die-cut frames, but they will have their first Alphabet Stamp Set!
And it is SUCH a cool font! ( I am a picky font person.. )

This is a sample teaser of the new die-cuts in the Saltwater collection!

AND, there is a GIVEAWAY!
Go to the link below and see all the new fun stuff and
the details on being one of 4 winners of one entire collection!

Check it all out HERE! Go, now, really...go!

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