Monday, April 22, 2013

I will always remember reading the book, Love You to the Moon and Back
to my children.  There are several books that we read to them over and over,
especially, if I got to pick and that on was right at the top.
I know this is To The Stars (not Moon) and Back, and it seems to be everywhere,
but I don't care.  I will never get tired of hearing it or seeing it.

You can check out my Start to Finish Video below:

I wanted to try out this 3D stamp paint I bought for mixed media projects,
 but hadn't opened yet...It was so fun to work with and not only is
it dimensional, but dried incredibly fast!

You will be seeing it again, as well as this POW paper from American Crafts.
It is so cool, and I have had it on my pile of new things to use, just couldn't
find the right place for it.  It one of those papers to me that can be
overwhelming used a a whole unless is is done just right, we'll see.
But here I chose to just highlight the die-cut title.

I am loving all the navy that is showing up in the collections and especially with this mint color.
I glittered the wood veneer stars and hung them from the cloud and the number 5 for my son's age.
The photo was from a photo shoot I did of them last fall that I got some amazing photos from.
This was one I was trying to get a Not Posed Pose, if that makes sense...
With his sister behind me making silly faces and distracting me, it was difficult.
I finally got right right before he broke into a fit of giggles.  And I liked that he was looking up...

Thanks for checking it out!
  I would love you to see the process video if you can handle 20 minutes of southern accent.
Well, maybe 5 minutes of accent and 15 minutes of groovy muzac!
Feel free to comment or ask questions...

Happy Monday!

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