Thursday, April 4, 2013

So, this is the first post as a member of the Love My Tapes Design Team!
Yay!  I am super excited to be on this team and wanted to do a full LO for this first post.

And I wanted to use my 2 favorite tapes by LMT, which are the wood grain, duh...
and the grey with white polka dots...I love all the paper dot garlands that
are available these days, especially from Glitz, so I decided to make my own
with this wood grain washi...I have done it before, but not this large size.

I just adhered the tape in strips onto card stock and punched them out...
I left some partly torn from the edge pieces too, just for more texture.
Then I stitched them together on my sewing machine!

I used the grey washi tape to highlight the negative under the "happy" in the die cut.
Not that grey should necessarily be associated with happy, or maybe grey skies & NOT happy,
but regardless, I am on a super color trend of mint and grey and another color,
this one being orange (I didn't really count the kraft too much)...

This photo totally makes me want to grab a hold of my son and not let him go...
except for this afternoon, when he was a total bootie-head!  
At any rate, bootie or not, I love this photo, it tells everything my husband
and I feel about our kids right now...I can't decide if they are growing up fast, 
we are getting older faster, or time is going by faster because we are old...
Sam says we are "geezers" is his favorite word, which is funny since he is the 
biggest geezer in the body of a 6 year old I know!!

 I got some fabulous flair from The Paper Bakery, and fellow Elle's Studio DT Member
Sarah, and these fantastic Instagram badges.,..I could have really used an entire pack
of JUST this one image...hint, hint! ;)  And the cute hash tag with #family...awesome!!

Thanks for checking out this first project/post...
I will be back with lots more lovin' & Love My Tapes...heh.

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