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Monday, April 8, 2013

Ok, several things to start with...
First, This may be my all time favorite layout EVER!  Seriously...
At least this year!  And i have been a busy bee...

Second, one of the things I love most about being involved in a community, 
like crafting or scrapbooking, is all the fantastic inspiration and out there!
Not just from ideas of how to use new products or new ways of using old products
( I might have confused myself there...)
But that connecting with other artists allows you a glimpse of their creative worlds, 
websites, products and other artists that inspire them!  I think that has been 
so rewarding to me. I think it has lead me to the point where I know what my style is.
And I like it...It may not be as on trend, it may be more chaotic or random...
sometimes, I tell and story; sometimes, the photo tells it all; sometimes the story is hidden
so that one day, hopefully, someone would take it out and read it (ahem...)

Third, is the thought that maybe someone reading this blog post will get 
something out of it, like a new website to follow or check out!  
Like this one: The Play Date Cafe which I stumbled upon and the color 
scheme for this challenge made me absolutely drool...seriously!  
I love the textures shown, obviously the color palette, the inspiration is amazing 
and I could NOT wait to get my hands on it.!  
I even did a process video, (my longest to date) since I was ridiculously obsessed 
with making this wood pattern in the background using different wood grain
patterned  papers and lots of it got covered up.
Not a surprise, but I love the result!  Their color board was so visually tactile 
that it made me reach for things I wouldn't have thought about, 
stretched beyond just the colors, and that is what I love so much about it!

Here is the photo from their post:

Ok, I realize that the flowers are not part of the color scheme, and I may need to claim 
ignorance on that one...I don't know if the photo was allowed to have a different color...?
I just knew this photo was be awesome with these colors!  And I wanted lots of contrast
between the wood veneer pieces, burlap, metal, the paint & twines.

** You can see more of that in the Start-to-Finish Video I made here: **

Before I got the cool Dear Lizzy die cut cards that had this heart die cut included,
I had downloaded it from Silhouette...and printed it out onto watercolor paper.
I have done that before and it is usually more successful.  
This paper was a little heavier and not hot press and with all the cuts running 
back and forth under the roller, it started to pill up some of the top layer...
It worked out in the end, I wanted to paint it in a gradient hombre, but at a diagonal.

I was trying to use as much of the Scrapbook Circle kit from March as possible  
The April kit arrived yesterday and I haven't EVEN opened it!
I know, shocking...I didn't want to distract myself from this project and I wanted
some alone time to savor it...unfortunately that may not be until tomorrow morning...? ;)

and I have to say, two of my new favorite blogs are both from Australia!  
You gals are rocking it down there!!

Thanks for stopping by, check out the video and follow me...if you want to, no pressure...
Have a great day!


  1. this page is AWESOME!!!!!! I don't have time to watch the video right now, but i will later for sure! I love all the layers and how it flows down the page! great page! the colors are awesome and you used so many great products!

  2. WOW! So gorgeous! I love all of those layers. You make me wanna go make something! :)

    1. Thank you! That is THE best compliment I could get!! Go get to work ;)

  3. I featured your page on the Paper Issues blog today! Thanks for linking us up! :)


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