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Friday, April 19, 2013

This was one of those days where everything went wrong...not the day from the photos,
this actual day, well yesterday now...
In light of everything going on in the rest of the world, my computer not behaving
seems so ridiculously minuscule, it shouldn't be worth mentioning...

At any rate, on a brighter day, earlier in the year, was a lovely day that
my husband took the kids out to burn off some energy by scootering around the neighborhood.
Ironically, to let me have some "scrap times" as he calls it...
These were some of the Instagram photos he took...he takes much better Instagrams
than I do, he has an eye for the spur of the moment action that I lack.
I am great at poses, setups and taking the photos with lighting, planning & everything
that is not spontaneous, impulsive and real life. ;)  He would be a great Project Life photographer!

You can see my process in the video here:

I used the Scrapbook Circle April Sketch but the majority of the pieces of
this project came from the March Scrapbook Circle kit...I really hated to leave
it without getting at least one more LO from it and I have had so much product
to sift through, things are getting buried around here!
I know NO ONE has that problem ;)

You can see the original post to the Scrapbook Circle Sketch post HERE
and that I followed it pretty closely, other than flipping it 180 degrees.
I wanted to use the pie chart and arrows to reinforce the idea of movement in the
scooters and wheels, etc.  And I loved the black & white paper from Maggie Holmes
that worked well with my daughter's helmet in the photo.

Scrapbook Circle has digital printable files that are part of their kit, but they
have started including physical cut apart labels, tags and even some flair!
One of which I used in this layout, however, I think it was from their January kit...?

Anyway, thanks for checking it out!  Please check out the process video
and leave comments or suggestions!  All the feedback is great!
Happy Friday!

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  1. Love the fun design on this page Jenni, and that cute pie chart!


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