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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It used to totally stress me out that I didn't, or couldn't make myself scrap our photos, event, 
whatever in chronological order!  I think that is probably why it would be a huge test of patience, 
will power and organization for me to try to do Project Life...
I may do it one day...not today, or this year.

However, I have decided that I really enjoy not scrapping in any kind of chronological order!  
For one thing, it will be nice to look back through book and see different trends in all different years.  
Also, it makes me happy to remember moments like this so long after the event!  
It is part of why I started to scrapbooking to begin with.

And sometimes that is a a beautiful reminder...in fact, lately, it has been extra necessary!

So, this LO was for the Scrapbook Circle Challenge #52 to use patterned paper as
the background.  Not card stock.  I love patterned paper; it is my most favorite "embellishment!"

So, this wasn't hard, knowing when to stop...is.  But luckily my daughter came into
my craft room and said "sometimes there is just too much going on..."
Well put.  And part of her personality that these photos captured. 
She has always been willful and stubborn, but not in the same way her brother is.
He can be a downright mule.  She wants her way and will keep trying til she is triumphant!

That sounds a little dramatic, but for a toddler to maneuver cobblestone streets can
be very dramatic...especially with everyone trying to help and hold a hand and she wouldn't
have ANY of it!  She wanted to do it on her own, in her way...
Okay that does sound a bit mule-ish!  

 I remember this day like it was yesterday...not nearly 8 years ago!!! What??
And it was a particularly difficult afternoon...for me.  But looking back at these photos,
I forget that and remember the beautiful village and her sweet dress and chubby cheeks
and a gorgeous Tuscan day.  That is why I love this hobby so much!

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