sometimes you need to get your feet wet a little at a time...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My mother-in-law took this photo one day they took the kids to the park.
They waded in and Sam pulled his shorts way up!  In fact, he said it looked
like a diaper and that I'd better not be putting this on the Internet...Ha!

Sorry, Sam.  Too cute of a smile and I it in my pile to be scrapped....
I watercolored some pieces cut on my Silhouette for another project and had the 
paper that I used underneath it.  It has these nice watercolored coffee cup stain
like circles and another bigger place where I painted a title.

I decided to use them to a subtle rainbow pattern background under a large die cut title.
I had been wanting to do a page like this for a while but wanted a photo that was black & white 
and not too busy, so the photo and title wouldn't compete.

I have also been feeling a little scrap guilt because most of my journaling lately 
has been super short, hidden, or non-existent.  
So, the title is the journaling in this photo and it speaks volumes about my son's personality!

From starting to walk to everything after, Sam has always been one to take
his time and do things when he was ready.  He and Sofia are so different that way.
She would run and jump in not thinking about it twice.
Sam definitely needs to get his feet wet a little at a time, and that is just fine.
Yes, he can be the most stubborn person on the planet!   
But, he makes up for it with the sweetest hugs, kisses and actions...

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