Elle's Studio MAY DT Gallery Reveal #1!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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And then come back for the milk shake ;)

This is one of the layouts I did for the DT Gallery at Elle's Studio.
Mostly consisting of the Serendipity collection and one or two other bits & pieces.
I can't think of better colors that these to go with a picture of a pink milkshake!
You can check out all the beautiful pieces of the Serendipity collection as
well as all the rest of the cool stuff HERE!  
Also, be sure to check out the other DT members projects, there are so many 
fun happy colors in the Gallery, it is bound to inspire or make you smile:)

I am still hoarding the ES vellum and so I use a couple pieces sparingly!
I loved the turquoise blue vellum over that hot pink polka dot paper.
It looked almost lavender and all the polka dots make me include that cool flair piece from 
The Paper Bakery, which matches the colors perfectly and inspired the gold splattered tag!

Had to include a doily and some scalloped edges since the page was about a milk shake.  

 We told my daughter for her birthday she could choose anywhere she wanted to go 
eat a birthday lunch...She picked Johnny Rockets.  Not for the burger or sweet potato 
fries, (uh,Yum!) but because she wanted a milk shake as basically her appetizer.

 Very Cherry is her favorite...needless to say, we had lots of to-go boxes since she 
and my son had so much milk shake, they couldn't eat their actual meal! :)
Sounds like a pretty good birthday to me!

This is one of many posts I need to do over the next couple days!
Lots to cover at the beginning of the month!

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