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Friday, May 3, 2013

I have boxes of contact sheets that my father had stored from all the film he
took and developed himself...I mean boxes.
My mom didn't want to throw them out and thought I might want
then for some sort of project, or maybe just so she wouldn't have to
make a decision about what to do with them...kidding, Mom! ;)

So, of course, I can't throw them out, and I wanted to use one, at least
to scrapbook about the developing & printing that photographers used to do.
Some still do...but mostly it is done in Photoshop or Lightroom or by Costco.

I also did a Start to Finish video on my YouTube Channel 
you can see HERE or click the thumbnail above!  

Most of the paper is from the Crate Paper DIY collection.  
I wanted a grungy, page, with lots of strips to emphasize the strips of negatives
that were used to print the contact sheet.  I also wanted to do a quick, loose,
artsy page but of course, I kept running out of everything...
Video battery died, then my glue stick, then my GlueGlider Pro Runner and finally 
my regular adhesive runner.  All the replacing kind of hindered my spur of
the moment creative burst I had when I started...

Oh well, it turned out fine and I tried to include lots of symbolism that went 
along with the film developing process...hanging the prints onto a line with clothes pins,
using a large wax pencil crayon to circle the image on the negative 
and a bird, for my Dad.

I might be a little too Type 'A' to be grungy after all.  I still cut my strips on my paper trimmer.
But, that is the kind of scrapbooker I am...I'm ok with that!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy NSD, a little early!

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